Monday, July 6, 2009

Ready to clean DSLR sensor

I have finally received my Dust-Wand Kit to clean my Canon DSLR sensor. It costed only $24 at Amazon, but I had to pay more than $100 in taxes and custom fees! A real robbery!

Having to pay such amount was ridiculous. But sending equipment to be cleaned by a "professional" could be even more expensive and... very risky.


  1. It seems that you paid really much amount.!! I always prefer B&H Photo Video to get lens cleaner and other camera accessories.

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  3. Yes, I really paid too much! But it was only $24 at Amazon. The taxes and custom fees in my country were the real problem.

    I have discovered the hard way that importing liquids into my country is very expensive. And this kit contains a tiny liquid cleaning bottle.